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View Scheduled Patient Text Messages

By October 22, 2019No Comments
RelevantMD patient text messages

One of RelevantMD’s key features is the ability to send individual patient text messages at a specific date and time. Scheduled one-offs are particularly helpful to remind patients of needed lab work in the future. Now, with this new feature, we’ve made it easier to manage scheduled patient text messages.

RelevantMD list of scheduled patient test messages.
Now you can view a list of all scheduled patient text messages.

Under the Texts tab at the top of RelevantMD, you’ll see a new sub-tab titled “Scheduled Messages”. When you click on that sub-tab, RelevantMD will display a list of all patient text messages that are scheduled to be sent in the future. (See the image above.)

The list is divided into four columns: Who is sending the text message, what number it is being sent to, the date it is scheduled to be sent, and the message. Each of these columns, excluding the Message column, can be sorted by simply clicking on the column header.

To the right of each message are two icons, a green edit icon and a red delete icon. If you wish to edit any portion of the patient text message, click on the green edit icon. You’ll be able to change the office from which the text message is coming from (if applicable to your practice), what number the message will be sent to, the message, and the scheduled date and time. (See image below.) If you wish to delete the scheduled message, click on the red delete button.

The key benefit of this new feature is improved efficiencies in managing patient text messages and improving patient engagement efforts. Remember that on-off patient text messages improve the patient experience. Some studies show that the type of communication you choose to use can positively impact practice revenues.

Editing scheduled patient text messages.
You can edit any scheduled patient text message by simply clicking on the green edit icon.

RelevantMD continues to invest considerable time in developing new features, which will help you complete your everyday tasks faster. And who doesn’t want to get their chores done faster, easier, and better?

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