Continuity of Care


Assured Continuity of Care Whenever Your Patient is Discharged or Transferred


Today’s complex legislation, processes, and procedures often make it difficult for your doctors to provide continuity of care when patients are transferred to other facilities.

RelevantMD’s CONNECT is a full-service clinical case management service that provides transitional care management (TCM), care plan oversight (CPO), and chronic care management (CCM) capabilities. With CONNECT, your doctors will easily establish and maintain contact with their patients, from admission to discharge, from any facility.

Improving Patient Care by Staying Connected


CONNECT helps your doctors remain in contact with their patients after discharge or if they’ve been transferred to a different facility. Through CONNECT’s experienced and qualified nurses, your doctors will maintain care while being able to bill for new codes.

Our registered nurses oversee TCM, CPO, and CCM within all required guidelines, insuring all billing codes are properly submitted. Of course, CONNECT is a 100% web-based service: No paper forms to mail, fax, sign, file, or shred!

Increasing Practice Revenues by Staying Connected


By capturing the right data, complying with Medicare Guidelines, and proper billing, our customers are experiencing an increase in revenues thanks to RelevantMD CONNECT’. Plus, CONNECT’s unique ability to keep doctor in touch with patient reduces re-hospitalizations and the costs that come with it.

Of course, CONNECT ensures that the PCP’s and home service providers are within compliance of anti-kickback and Stark Laws.

Learn How to Earn More in 20 Minutes


Transitional care management, care plan oversight, and the management of chronic care is no longer out of reach, but a new source of revenue! Call RelevantMD today to learn more about CONNECT. In 20 minutes or less you’ll see how CONNECT will work for your practice.

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“In three months our clinics generated 1,898 new appointments from existing patients. Revenue increased by $644,481 in new production. RelevantMD exceeded our expectations.”

Shannon H.

Assistant Administrator/IT

“RelevantMD’s dashboard tells me in real time what my marketing dollars are doing for the practice. Nobody else does that and I love it!

Robert J.


Increase Revenues

With 23 years of experience, we can double, even triple your revenues. Call to learn more.

Quality Commitments

With RelevantMD, you can cash in on the quality commitments made to your payers.

Predictable Revenue

A consistent stream of new patients will yield increased revenues, month after month.

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