All the Benefits of a Chronic Care Management Team Without the Team!


The added revenues from the various Medicare programs that oversee the treatment of your patients with chronic conditions can really boost your practice’s bottom line. But the added staff and infrastructure to create a CCM team throws a very wet towel on your dreams of bigger revenue numbers.

RelevantMD CONNECT can help. Here’s how:


  • Scheduling the Necessary Calls Your doctors want to care for all of their patients, even those who struggle with a chronic condition and find it difficult to visit your practice. Practically speaking, they aren’t able to provide the care they wish. Our team steps in, scheduling calls between patient and doctor—a seemingly simple task that removes a great burden off the shoulders of your doctors.
  • Championing the Medicare Reimbursement Challenge Our experienced nurses know the Medicare maze like the back of their hands. Our team provides the correct billing compilation to your team to insure immediate reimbursement. With RelevantMD CONNECT, you can boost top line revenues with a proven CCM team without any of the overhead costs and headaches!

The RelevantMD CONNECT Advantage


  • Licensed and Carefully Vetted. On average, our nurses have more than 10 years of professional experience. After a careful review of their background, references, and license verification, each goes through a regimented training process. Once they pass our standards, their work is monitored for accuracy and quality.
  • Proven, Scripted Processes and Procedures. Our team follows a process that assures your doctor can monitor and, if necessary, make changes to their care.
  • Patient Advocates. Our nurses become your patient advocates for 30 days. The patient has access to their nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • EHR Integration. Notes and communication between our nurses and your doctors are recorded in your EHR for full transparency.

Learn How to Earn More in 20 Minutes


A professional, effective CCM team is no longer out of reach! Call RelevantMD today to learn more about CONNECT. In 20 minutes or less you’ll see how CONNECT will work for your practice.

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“In three months our clinics generated 1,898 new appointments from existing patients. Revenue increased by $644,481 in new production. RelevantMD exceeded our expectations.”

Shannon H.

Assistant Administrator/IT

“RelevantMD’s dashboard tells me in real time what my marketing dollars are doing for the practice. Nobody else does that and I love it!

Robert J.


Increase Revenues

With 23 years of experience, we can double, even triple your revenues. Call to learn more.

Quality Commitments

With RelevantMD, you can cash in on the quality commitments made to your payers.

Predictable Revenue

A consistent stream of new patients will yield increased revenues, month after month.

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