New Patients
Even When
Your Schedule
Is Full

Build a Steady Stream of New Patients with RelevantMD

Keep Your Doctors Busy. Create Predictable Revenue.

Is your practice struggling to find patients for new or established doctors? Have you added a specialist to your staff and experiencing difficulty in filling their schedule? RelevantMD builds custom marketing campaign that produce a continuous stream of new patients for any established or new doctor—at a price that will fit your budget!

How do you find new patients?

Our 23 years of marketing know how makes us efficient at helping you introduce a new provider to a particular community. RelevantMD’s strategy to find new patients for your practice includes the following:

  • Geo Mapping. Using our proprietary data management technology, we’re able to map your current patients, overlay your competitors and prospective patients, and then identify opportunities for growth.
  • Digital Marketing. Knowing who and where your new patients are, RelevantMD will create a custom campaign that drives prospective patients to your website and your scheduling team.
  • SEO. Our highly experienced team will tweak your website so it appears at the top of any relevant search.
  • 2-Way Texting. Prospective patients—and existing patients, too—would rather text than take or make a phone call. We can text-enable nearly any landline and have your team engaging prospective customers immediately.
  • Direct Mail. Advertising gurus call direct mail a secret weapon. We’re sending more than two million pieces of direct mail every month. Call us and we’ll explain how direct mail can significantly boost your marketing efforts.
  • Reputation Management. We’ll help you generate more positive patient reviews, which makes it easier for prospective patients to find and learn more about you.

Affordable, Easy Marketing Packages for any Practice

We’ve leveraged our marketing expertise to create a Patient Acquisition Package that will fill your schedule with new patients and meet your budget, too. Our transparent and easy-to-understand pricing makes it easy for you to focus on the providers that need more patients.

Our pricing is all-inclusive. You’ll get the best design, copywriting, data and campaign management we have to offer. It’s like having a marketing agency at your beck and call without the cost!

Plus, our software makes it for you to track results and see ROI. Call today to see a short 15-minute demonstration!



Perfect for Getting More Patients

Digital Marketing SEO
2-Way Texting Reputation Management
Click to Call Data Scrub


Price Includes One Provider.
$199/month for Each Additional Provider.
Plus PPC Costs.

We’ll Clean Up Your Data

RelevantMD will identify patients who have moved, are deceased, or a duplicate of another record. Then, we’ll create and maintain a database of clean records for marketing, which will boost your ROI!

We’ll Map Your Data

We’ll create a geo map of your current patients, prospective patients, and your competitors. Once the data is visualized, we’ll analyze patterns and identify growth opportunities.

We’ll Analyze the Competition

If you know who and what your competition is doing to attract new patients, then your marketing becomes all that more effective. RelevantMD will tailor your messaging to be more relevant to your target market.

We’ll Customize Your Marketing Strategy

Complimenting a broad range of digital marketing tools, including SEM, PPC, and SEO, we’ll also employ direct mail and eMail to reach your target market and generate a steady stream of new patients, month after month.

“In three months our clinics generated 1,898 new appointments from existing patients. Revenue increased by $644,481 in new production. RelevantMD exceeded our expectations.”

Shannon H.

Assistant Administrator/IT

“RelevantMD’s dashboard tells me in real time what my marketing dollars are doing for the practice. Nobody else does that and I love it!

Robert J.


Increase Revenues

With 23 years of experience, we can double, even triple your revenues. Call to learn more.

Quality Commitments

With RelevantMD, you can cash in on the quality commitments made to your payers.

Predictable Revenue

A consistent stream of new patients will yield increased revenues, month after month.

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