Hundreds of Your Patients Pass Key Milestone Every Day

Are You Connecting When it Matters?

Every morning, hundreds of your patients are waking to a key milestone. At these key moments your patients should be educated, reminded, and motivated to see their doctor.

A growing number of your patients also balance life with a chronic condition. They need the best care your practice can provide. Through consistent and effective messaging, they will see their doctor and live a fuller life.

Chances are your practice’s patient engagement activities are not having the results you expected. Mediocre results are the result of applying out-of-the-box patient communication software to a significant messaging challenge.

RelevantMD can help. Here’s how…

Got marketing challenges? See how we can help.

We’ll Clean Up Your Data

RelevantMD will identify patients who have moved, are deceased, or a duplicate of another record. Then, we’ll create and maintain a database of clean records for marketing, which will boost your ROI!

We’ll Create Nurturing Campaigns

We’ll help you identify more than 30 campaigns based on quality measures that will swing the revenue needle in the right direction, using appointment reminders, prescription notifications, and scheduled messaging.

We’ll Customize Your Messaging

We’ll us a broad range of digital marketing tools to reach the right patient at the right time with the right message. With 23 years of marketing expertise and a do-it-for-you attitude, we’ll outperform your EHR or any other system.

We’ll Automate Your Outreach

Using eMail, phone messaging, and personalized direct mail we can motivate your patients to see their doctors. Plus, our two-way text messaging tools make it easier for your patients to reach you.

“In three months our clinics generated 1,898 new appointments from existing patients. Revenue increased by $644,481 in new production. RelevantMD exceeded our expectations.”

Shannon H.

Assistant Administrator/IT

“RelevantMD’s dashboard tells me in real time what my marketing dollars are doing for the practice. Nobody else does that and I love it!

Robert J.


Increase Revenues

With 23 years of experience, we can double, even triple your revenues. Call to learn more.

Quality Commitments

With RelevantMD, you can cash in on the quality commitments made to your payers.

Predictable Revenue

A consistent stream of new patients will yield increased revenues, month after month.



Try our service free for 30 days!

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