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Forward 2-Way Texting Messages, Confirmation Notices, and Faster HIPAA Consent

By June 20, 2019No Comments
2-Way Texting, Forward Text

RelevantMD customers will be excited by three new features released this week. The focus is on making patient engagement processes easier, or faster to complete, or both. If you’re a fan of 2-Way Texting, you’ll love what we’ve done. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Reassigning a text message conversation to another team member or location saves time.

Forward Texts for Faster, More Convenient Communication

You may already be using RelevantMD’s powerful 2-Way Texting capabilities, which let you personalize your communication with many patients at the same time. Now, with this new feature, you can forward any message from a patient to any member of your team or to a different clinic.

What’s the big deal?

If you’re corresponding with Carmella about a followup appointment, and she shares some concerns that her doctor should know, you can quickly click-click-click and forward that information to her doctor. Here’s another example: If it is more convenient for Carmella to visit a different clinic, you can forward her text to the other clinic, and let them continue the discussion and set the appointment.

The forwarding capability will save you and your team lots of time. In the two examples above, being able to forward the texts saves you the hassle of picking up the phone to leave a message with the doctor (or sending an email to the doctor).

What about HIPAA? Great question; let’s talk about it.

If a patient has not consented to receive text messages about their personal health, with RelevantMD you can quickly access a template and send a message to ask for consent. RelevantMD tracks consent and will not allow you to send a message to a patient who has no consent on file.

Gather HIPAA Consent Quicker Than Ever

A common question about 2-Way Texting is how to utilize the convenience and effectiveness of texting while staying HIPAA compliant. The concern is legitimate; texting is not a secure form of communication. (Your patients prefer text over email and phone, but that doesn’t change the fact that text messaging is .)

Our customers have approached this challenge from a number of different directions. Some include texting consent in the other disclosure agreements their patients sign. Others check texting consent as each patient comes in for an appointment, and resolves the issue then.

Now, RelevantMD makes gathering HIPAA consent easier than ever. A ready-to-send-at-any-moment consent template can be sent to any patient by text. Your patient simply responds with ‘CONSENT’ in the message and their consent is recorded in RelevantMD. From that point on, you can confidently send messages to that patient. Of course, if they wish to opt-out, they can do that at any time. RelevantMD keeps track of who has and who has not consented to receive messages via text.

Helpful Appointment Confirmation Notifications

RelevantMD makes it easy for your patients to confirm their appointment: They just have to press or click on “Confirm”. When they do, that information was recorded by RelevantMD.

So what’s new?

Now, when your patient confirms an appointment, an email is automatically sent to your office (you decide who should get these notifications). The email notification provides a pro-active way to let you know which of your patients have confirmed.

The email notification can be turned on or off. You may prefer to keep RelevantMD up and handy so you can always view confirmations. Or, you may find the email confirmation handy.

More to Come

We’re adding new features and enhancements to RelevantMD all the time. Helping our customers remain engaged with their patients, with the help of automation and genius marketing, is what we do.

Call 800-201-1995 to learn more.

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