Click-to-Call, Call Scoring, and Call Tracking: Perfect for Every In-Practice Call Center!

If your practice uses a call center to reach your patients, RelevantMD can make their job so much more efficient. Plus, your call center manager will greatly appreciate RelevantMD’s call tracking and scoring capabilities.

Click to Call: Could It Be Any Easier?

In RelevantMD, every patient’s phone number, no matter where it appears, is underlined, making it easier for your agents to locate. With your agents wearing a comfortable headset connected to their computer, all they have to do is click on the phone number to call that patient.

Save Time. Make More Calls.

Click to call functionality saves oodles of time. How long does it take to dial a 10-digit phone number? Almost five seconds. Those seconds add up to nearly 20 minutes of dialing during a typical work day! Click to call requires half the time, allowing your agents to make as many as five more calls every day!

Call Tracking: Improve Customer Service Quality

RelevantMD digitally records every in-bound phone call. Using a handy list display, you can the phone number the call came from, the date and time, duration, audio controls, and type of call (or category). Of course, you can quickly sort the list by column with a quick click. To listen to a call, simply click on the play button. Reviewing calls with your agents is a great way to improve customer service skills and confidence.

Tracking Calls Protects Your Agents

Misunderstandings can certainly occur between your agents and your patients. By recording every in-bound phone call you can back up an agent’s claims, which they always appreciate. Or, in the case where an agent may have failed to provide satisfactory customer service, a recording of the call make it easy to identify an agent’s weaknesses and address them with training.

Call Scoring: Increase ROI Accuracy

If your practice is engaged in a particular quality campaign, RelevantMD’s call scoring capability increases the accuracy of any ROI report.


You can review every in-bound phone call and assign each call to current campaign. For example, if your practice is engaged in a campaign to increase annual wellness exams, call tracking and scoring helps you identify in-bound calls that were generated by your marketing efforts.

When a call is attributed to a particular campaign, reporting will include that call, which increases ROI reporting accuracy.

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