The RelevantMD Platform

Quality eMail and Text Reminders

You choose how to remind your patients and when. Use only one channel or a combination for maximum effectiveness. Also choose which patients, which doctors, which locations, and which message.

2-Way Texting Power

Every patient becomes more connected to their doctor and your practice with convenient two-way texting. We can text enable your land lines for a quick start. We also train your team; how to use the software and texting best practices.

Seamless EHR Integration

Chances are we already integrate with your existing EHR, with information passing back and forth. Speak to one of our marketing experts to learn more.

Unique Custom Messaging

Your appointment reminders will read and look nothing like your competitors’! We customize your reminders to match your brand and meet your communication objective.

Handy Appointment Confirmations

More than just a reminder, your patients are asked to confirm they’ll make the appointment, which makes the reminder all that more effective.

Track HIPAA Compliance

RelevantMD knows which of your patients have agreed to receive text messages that may include PHI, and which should not receive text messages. The result is the same: You stay 100% HIPAA compliant!

White-Glove Customer Service

We rush to take your phone call and we hustle to answer your questions. Our goal is to keep you engaged with your patients at all times. RelevantMD is a do-it-for-you, full-service marketing solution.

Hassle-Free 30-Minute Training

All we need is 30 minutes to train your team how to set up reminders and text your patients. We’ll get out of your way ASAP.

Real-Time ROI Dashboard

Measure everything! With RelevantMD you’ll be able to measure the results and track ROI for all of your reminders and patient communication activities.


The Comps

Quality eMail and Text Reminders

Engaging 2-Way Texting

Unique Customized Messaging


Appointment Confirmations

Track Consent for HIPPA Compliance

Seamless EHR Integration

Real-Time ROI Dashboard

Hassle-Free 30-Minute Training

White Glove Customer Service

Unlimited Texts and eMail

Month-to-Month Contract

30-Day FREE Trial

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