2-Way Texting Builds Closer Connections with Your Patients!

With RelevantMD you can text with any patient with a quick click of the mouse. And your patients will love it!
Studies show your patients prefer a text to a phone call.

With RelevantMD you can:

  • Send and receive text messages using any existing land line
  • Forward conversations to another clinic or provider
  • Record and save all conversations
  • Use handy templates for more efficient messaging
  • Manage consent for better HIPAA compliance
  • Quick to learn; easy to use

3 Reasons Why Text Messaging Improves Patient Engagement

1. Your Patients Respond Immediately to Texts

Unlike a phone call, your patients will respond to a text message. Phone calls can be disruptive, whereas as reading and responding to a text message can be done anywhere: In a meeting, at work, at lunch—but never while driving!

2. Your Patients Consider Texting to be More Personal

It may sound strange, but studies show that a population’s response to text messages, as opposed to phone calls, makes texting a more personal form of communication! And what could be more personal that a conversation about your patients’ health?

3. Your Patients Prefer Text Messaging Over a Phone Call

Phone calls are disruptive, time-consuming, and one dimensional. That’s why studies show patients prefer a text message to a phone call. An appointment reminder, a quick note to see how a patient is doing, or a notification that test results are available for review—these messages can be sent quickly and efficiently with text messaging. By phone, they’d take more time and be less effective.

We wanted to be as thoughtful as possible in getting this tool into your hands as quickly as possible. It will help you offset the challenges you’re facing because of COVID-19. We can provide our customized 2-Way Texting Tool complementary during this challenging time.

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