About Us

The Dump Boys is a family business ran by 4 brothers. We’ve worked at our father’s marketing business for 25 years while doing many yard & home projects in our spare time. We decided to finally combine our knowledge of marketing & home DIY into a business. Being raised around a family business for 25 years has instilled strong respect for our customers & has made it our mission to provide them with a reliable, competitive priced service.

Why Choose Us

Dedication To Our Clients

Being raised around a family business for 25 years has instilled in us a strong dedication to our customers. We respect your time & hard earned dollar. You can trust us to deliver your product on time & charge you a competitive price for our products & services.

Online Ordering
Schedule your trailer & pay online without making a call.
Competitve Pricing
We are constantly checking industry pricing to make sure our prices stay competitive.
On-Time Delivery
It is important to us that we deliver your product or dump trailer at your desired delivery time.
We've ran a business for 25 years, this has instilled in us a strong respect for our customers.
Customer Support
Rest assured that if a problem does occur that we will do everything in our power to reconcile it.
Job Opportunities

Our Employees

We are always accepting applications & looking for new employees to join our family.

Our employees are considered family to us. It is important to us that our employees feel at home & don’t see us as a boss and more of a brother/sister. When we hire someone we intend to keep them as an employee for life. Our goal is to create a work environment & benefit package that employees do not want to leave.