Every Year 15% of Your Patients Disappear!

How are You Going to Replace Them?

Our generation has become more mobile than ever. Packing up and moving to new digs is becoming increasingly more common. Grandma and Grandpa may be living in the same home they built 30 years ago, but their children are not.

If You have a database of 150,000 patients, at least 14% no longer live in your city—you’ve lost 21,000 patients!

According to the Census Bureau, every year 14% of the United States population is moving. A chunk of your patient base may no long live in your city. Yet, with out-of-the-box patient communication software or with your EHR, you’re probably wasting a resources trying to market to them.

But wait! There’s more bad news for your patient base: About 1% of the patients you have on record have passed on. They won’t be calling for an appointment, ever.

With a database of 150,000 patients, 1,500 are deceased! Have you acquired new patients to replace the loss?

Cookie-cutter patient communication software and your EHR are powerless to help you identify invalid patient records. And when it comes to generating new patients they won’t help, either.

RelevantMD can help. Here’s how…

Got marketing challenges? See how we can help.

We’ll Clean Up Your Data

RelevantMD will identify patients who have moved, are deceased, or a duplicate of another record. Then, we’ll create and maintain a database of clean records for marketing, which will boost your ROI!

We’ll Map Your Data

We’ll create a geo map of your current patients, prospective patients, and your competitors. Once the data is visualized, we’ll analyze patterns and identify growth opportunities.

We’ll Analyze the Competition

If you know who and what your competition is doing to attract new patients, then your marketing becomes all that more effective. RelevantMD will tailor your messaging to be more relevant to your target market.

We’ll Customize Your Marketing Strategy

Complimenting a broad range of digital marketing tools, including SEM, PPC, and SEO, we’ll also employ direct mail and eMail to reach your target market and generate a steady stream of new patients, month after month.

“In three months our clinics generated 1,898 new appointments from existing patients. Revenue increased by $644,481 in new production. RelevantMD exceeded our expectations.”

Shannon H.

Assistant Administrator/IT

“RelevantMD’s dashboard tells me in real time what my marketing dollars are doing for the practice. Nobody else does that and I love it!

Robert J.


Increase Revenues

With 23 years of experience, we can double, even triple your revenues. Call to learn more.

Quality Commitments

With RelevantMD, you can cash in on the quality commitments made to your payers.

Predictable Revenue

A consistent stream of new patients will yield increased revenues, month after month.



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